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I was a designer for a start up wholesale ecommerce company, which sells goods made in China from a warehouse in Moscow. The MPV version of the project was developed within a limited budget and was based on CMS Opencart 1.5. After releasing the MVP, data showed that there were several problems. I will describe them further one by one.


Users leave product cards and do not put products to a shopping cart.


1. Research - find user pain points

2. Design wireframes

3. Test, implementation

cjm and persona

I conducted interviews to collect information about users, in order to understand their pain points and collect information for personas. I interviewed 5 people of age groups between 23-40 years, to find out their needs and behavior when they are making the order.

During the interview it became evident that generally when users decided to look a product card they just need information about relevant price, which depends on quantity of product they need. I used a Customer journey map method to realized where were customers pain points, opportunity and insights.

Thus, I found that there were two problems. One was at a category page and second at a product page. Both misconception were because there were not clearly information about price and quantity correlation. So users had an inefficient experience, besides, they were confused and felt that they are being cheated, since they had seen a different higher price in category list and in a product card. In this way users leave the website. Next, I created prototypes to test the designs with users and understand how the new solutions works. It was a survey where users were asked for 2 questions: What is a product minimal price? What product price will be for 100 unit of products? 5 out of the 5 participants, got answers right!


At the category page I showed user a minimal price for the product, by adding the word 'from' before the price. And at the product card page I designed a simple table with price - quantity correlation.

Product cart (Category page)

product cart category

Product cart (Product page)

product cart redesign


After implementation of new design, conversion rate increase on 47%.